The A1R of Abilene Mold Removal Difference

Commercial & Residential Fast Emergency Services

The best way to get help with your mold problem is to call on Action1Restoration of Abilene. The best tools, tools and team members are used by our staff to deliver quality mold remediation services for either your office or house. With all of the types and spread of mold that you may be faced with it, it is essential for you to hire mold experts to get rid of the problem for you. Here at Action 1 Restoration of Abilene, we are pleased to give our customers the service they deserve. Our expert team will thoroughly investigate your mold problem to make sure that all mold is eliminated from the affected areas. Any time you find signs of mold you should call us right away. Some signs that you should watch for include water leaks, moldy smells and constant headaches.

Mold Inspections

Our team uses an in depth, comprehensive mold elimination approach. We make sure to eliminate mold and prevent its recurrence by combing your home and office thoroughly. We take care of the whole area in our mold remediation procedure. We look over the affected spots, remove the mold, dehumidify things and sanitize them to keep them free of all mold.

Experienced Services

Experience is one of the biggest advantages of Action1Restoration of Abilene over the competition. We employ some of the most skilled and experienced professionals in the city, with years of experience in handling mold removal cases under their belt. They know exactly what it takes to properly remove molds from buildings.

Specialty Equipment

A1R of Abilene knows that using the right equipment is critical to solving customer issues as fast as is possible. That's why we use state-of-the-art machines, including air movers, water extractors, and dehumidifiers. Our professionals are required to constantly check the market for the most recent equipment to use in both mold inspection and remediation.

Highly Trained

We ensure that every technician we employ has attended training and workshops that will ensure that know how to effectively apply different techniques and use different tools to control and remove mold infestations. This is important because without the necessary training and skills, the root of mold problems cannot be uncovered and infestations will continue to reoccur on a regular basis, requiring expensive and time consuming procedures to truly eliminate the issues.

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Why Choose Action 1 Restoration of Abilene For Mold Services!

Our services are ready any time of the day - and even in night time. Whenever an emergency happens, most people are unprepared and don't know what they need to do. Our emergency services are available 24/7 to come to your property and help with any water or mold disaster. Any time you call us, you need to provide our receptionist any important details that you have about the kind of mold problem you have and the scope of damage. This is to help us identify the right tools to bring when we come to your property. You need an immediate resolution.


The correct information helps us come with up with a fast solution.

Here are a handful of our available emergency services:

  • Assessment of damage and price estimate
  • The containment of any affected areas
  • Eliminate moisture and flood
  • Remove dead mold
  • Inventory possessions affected by mold - household possessions and property


Our Unique Process

One of the worst types of mold you can have in your home is black mold. Black mold is toxic mold.It may cause serious health problems, particularly when exposed to it over the long term. The mucus membranes of the nose, throat and eyes may be irritated. It can also result in persistent headaches. Business owners and home owners are afraid of black mold. Read More

Our 6 Step Process for Mold Remediation

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