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If you ever get confronted with mold problems, then you shouldn't handle them alone. Your smart move is requesting the assistance of Action 1 Restoration of College Station. In providing you and your home or business premiere mold remediation services, we use the industry's best tools, equipment, and professionals. With all of the types and spread of mold that you may be faced with it, it is essential for you to hire mold experts to get rid of the problem for you. The Action 1 Restoration of College Station provides only the best possible service and quality workmanship in relation to mold issues. Our expert team will thoroughly investigate your mold problem to make sure that all mold is eliminated from the affected areas. Any time you find signs of mold you should call us right away. Water leaks, the smell of mold, and continuous headaches are some of the major signs that you have a mold problem.

Mold Inspections

Before starting to put together a mold removal plan, it's important to inspect and focus on the test results. An inspection can help point towards a particular solution after the damage is assessed in detail. Along with the damage, mold testing also takes a look at the level of moisture and what needs to be done to keep it in check.

Experienced Services

Expertise is always crucial in any service. For this reason, we train our team members to keep them efficient in doing their job. We background check, train and motivate our team members. We also want them to grow as professionals. Our company’s efforts to shape them into true mold removal experts is reflected by their performance.

Specialty Equipment

We use only industrial-grade equipment for all our jobs. This is so we can finish quickly and efficiently without affecting your every day life too much. We also make sure that the equipment and chemicals we will use will not pose health risks. You can talk to our representatives to learn what equipment we are using before we start the prcoess.

Fast Response

When you discover the presence of mold and mildew, you have to take immediate steps to get rid of it. If you cannot do it yourself, hire people who can - and do it at the soonest possible time. We know how people feel. When you seek our assistance for mold mitigation, we get to work right away. Our service technicians are trained to start alleviating mold growth as soon as they are contracted to do so.

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Why Choose Action 1 Restoration of College Station For Mold Services!

Once you discover mold and a large amount of mold can feel like an emergency situation. Although it’s hard to gauge just how much mod there is behind the walls or in the attic, you need to get this removed and remediated right away, especially if its black mold. For example, the ceiling in your home or office, or part of it, might suddenly give way, and reveal that you have a major mold infestation on your hands. When black mold is present, because of the toxicity of the type of mold this is, this would be considered and emergency. You should not attempt to clean up something like this yourself unless you have received mold remediation training. Handling it improperly can cause more problems later on down the road as it did not get properly cleaned and sanitized. Our team can respond to any mold emergency 24 hours per day, and 7 days per week. Our trained teams respond to disasters fast.


Learn About Our Process

Our pro's are also trained to follow a systematic process in removing mold. This is to ensure that everything is thoroughly set from planning to execution. Action 1 Restoration College Station has a three-step simplified procedure that is made up of inspection, restoration and disinfection (which is broken down into the following 6 total steps).


Highly Trained

We ensure that every technician we employ has attended training and workshops that will ensure that know how to effectively apply different techniques and use different tools to control and remove mold infestations. This is important because without the necessary training and skills, the root of mold problems cannot be uncovered and infestations will continue to reoccur on a regular basis, requiring expensive and time consuming procedures to truly eliminate the issues.

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Our 6 Step Process for Mold Remediation

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