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When you are faced with a mold problem, Action 1 Restoration Garland is the best company to ask for help. The best tools, tools and team members are used by our team to deliver quality mold remediation services for either your office or house. To handle the task of eliminating mold - no matter what type or scope you may have - it is essential to hire experts to handle it. Our Garland, TX team is happy to deliver our customers with the quality services that they deserve. Our company of experts will perform a thorough investigation of your mold problem to ensure we eliminate all the mold affected areas. Call us immediately when you detect signs of mold. Water leaks, the smell of mold, and continuous headaches are some of the major signs that you have a mold problem.

Mold Inspections

Our team uses a thorough, comprehensive mold elimination approach. We make sure to eliminate mold and prevent its recurrence by combing your home and office thoroughly. We take care of the whole area in our mold remediation procedure. We look over the affected spots, remove the mold, dehumidify things and sanitize them to keep them free of all mold.

Experienced Services

Action 1 Restoration of Garland hires some of the best mold removal experts in the area. You can count on their years of experience and dedication to get rid of your mold infestation for good. Their training and experience will help them choose the best solution to safely eradicate the mold colony that has been spreading in your home or place of business and prevent the mold from growing back.

Specialty Equipment

When you need your issues taken care of as quickly as can possibly be, A1R is the team to call in Garland TX. Our staff uses only the best air movers, dehumidifiers, and water extractors. The specialists on our team are also required to always be looking across the market for the latest and greatest mold tools for both inspection and remediation purposes.

Highly Trained

Our experts know how to handle the issue. They have the knowledge and expertise to make an assessment of your property. Not only that, but our team has worked with various types of mold and they know what equipment and method they should use, so you can rest assure the best solution will be provided to your property. We also believe in ongoing training because it keeps team members in the known with changes in the industry.

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Why Choose Action 1 Restoration of Garland For Mold Services!

After discovering mold, a large amount of it can definitely feel like it is an emergency situation. It can be hard to know how much mold you have in your attic or behind your walls, but it is essential to remove and remediate it quickly, especially in cases of black mold. For example, the ceiling in your home or office, or part of it, might suddenly give way, and reveal that you have a major mold problem on your hands. It may be an emergency situation, especially if it is black mold. This is not something that should be attempted to clean up on your own unless you are trained in mold remediation. Improper training and care might create more problems in the future. We have a team ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any mold emergency. Our teams have been trained to respond to disasters quickly.

Our Process to Help You

To remove black mold, our industry experts follow our systematic and proven process. This ensures that everything is set thoroughly, starting with planning and continuing through execution. Action 1 Restoration Garland has a three-step simplified process that is consists of inspection, restoration and disinfection (which is broken down into the following 6 total steps).

We first inspect your property to assess the amount of damage caused by the mold. We then identify all of the possible remedies that can be used on your home. We also plan which methods we will use to restore the affected area or property if the findings allow for it. Our team disinfects the area to kill mold on any affected surfaces and filter air as well to get rid of suspended spores. We then restore any areas of your property that were affected by cleaning it and taking measures to prevent mold from developing in the future. It includes getting the humidity conditioned and sealing any leaks off.

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