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Experience is needed to know how to handle mold issues. We partner with some of the most experienced pros and industry leaders when it comes to mold issues. As one of the Texas's most widely used property restoration companies, we realize precisely what it takes to restore your property to top condition. Our highly trained team knows how to properly deal with mold growth and uses a process that is time-tested and guaranteed to remove all mold. If you want the best mold removal service your money can buy, you cannot go wrong with us here at A1R in Plano. You will need to get the mold tested and then we offer free estimates and emergency services! Call us today to find out more about our mold removal services!

Mold Inspections

Removing black mold should happen in a systematic way. Our qualified professionals inspect your property to find any potential mold infestations. After the inspection is done, our team gets busy and removes the mold. Any areas affected by mold are treated with a disinfectant to prevent re-growth. Your property is left mold-free and clean.

Experienced Services

Removing mold the right way involves experience. This is where the contractors at Action1Restoration of Plano will come to save you. Our team has lots of experience fixing properties damaged by mold. Our experts have a tested and proved approach to fix properties within the soonest time that they can.

Specialty Equipment

A1R in Plano can get client problems resolved as fast as anyone, thanks to using the best machines. Our water extractors, dehumidifiers, and air movers are nothing short of state-of-the-art. We maintain how current our hardware is by continually looking over the market for the newest tools and equipment in mold inspection and remediation.

Highly Trained

We ensure that every technician we employ has attended training and workshops that will ensure that know how to effectively apply different techniques and use different tools to control and remove mold infestations. This is important because without the necessary training and skills, the root of mold problems cannot be uncovered and infestations will continue to reoccur on a regular basis, requiring expensive and time consuming procedures to truly eliminate the issues.

Why Choose Action 1 Restoration of Plano For Mold Services!

Once you discover mold and a large amount of mold can feel like an emergency situation. Still, given that it's difficult to gauge just how much mold you might have in your attic or behind the walls, it's crucial to get any you find both removed and remediated promptly, particularly if it's black mold. For example, an entire ceiling or a piece of it may give away suddenly, and reveal a large mold problem. When black mold is present, because of the toxicity of the type of mold this is, this would be considered and emergency. Unless you have been trained to deal with mold remediation, you should not try cleaning it up on your own. Handling it improperly can cause more problems later on down the road as it did not get properly cleaned and sanitized. Our team is available 24/7 to respond to mold emergencies. Our teams have been trained to respond to disasters quickly.

Learn About Our Process

Any type of mold that can potentially grow in your house can be handled by A1R of Plano. We've handled mold removal projects both big and small. A thorough process is used by our team in order to successfully eliminate mold. Our teams use only the most eco-friendly, safe, and latest mold removal equipment and solutions. To eliminate any unwanted mold we use a systematic process. Our team members always wear uniforms while performing the most effective mold removal solutions. The first thing they do is to inspect your property to identify those areas that call for treatment. After the areas have been properly identified, we will remove the mold and treat any areas that have been infested mold using the most effective cleaners and solutions. Following that, they'll disinfect any treated areas before applying sealants which will prevent moisture from getting back into your property. The sealants will stop the problem from reoccurring.

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